established Entrepreneurs. 
Amazing Experiences.
5 Days in Fiji.

40 People
May 25-31, 2019
$6,499 USD
Fully Vetted.        Unreal Experiences.        Inclusive.  
Fully Vetted.
Unreal Experiences. Inclusive.

Unplugged Events: Fiji  |  May 25-31 2019
Unplugged Events: Fiji  May 25-31 2019
As entrepreneurs, we’re told that we need to “take time off”.
Yet, when many of us do, we spend half the time thinking about work.
Unplugged offers a way to Unplug from our day to day without losing alignment with the rest of our lives. 

Grow your Business through Crazy Ass Experiences 
Disconnected from your office ~ but connected with BAD ASS people. 

Small Groups allow us to drive relationships deep, 
High Curation allows us to learn and grow from amazing people 
so we can be ourselves and unplug in our own ways without judgement. 

Fiji… will show you an environment and culture like no other. 

Are you ready to Unplug?

Unplugged Fiji RECAP:
What We Did
Welcome to Oslo

May 25: The Flight from LAX

We'll Meet at LAX for Dinner, then leave the world behind.

from the minute you step into the kick off dinner in LA,, 
its time to relax, reset and enjoy the experience.  

We'll Board the plane together and enjoy a fijian flight with some of the best people by our side.
Husky Dog Sledding

May 27: Welcome to Fiji!

We'll kick the day off with brunch and some time to rejuvenate.

spend your first full day getting acquainted with the island. relax by the pool, enjoy a hike, and enjoy the exquisite cuisine. 

Then we meet up to have drinks and discuss the days to come. 
set a course for what unplugging means to you.. 

We'll work together to uplug in our own ways.... together.
Porsche Ice Driving

May 28: A day between islands

A true escape to paradise. With more than 300 islands, there is a lot of picturesque water to navigate.  

Today our group will split into smaller groups to find their activity of choice.  Surfing, Scuba, Snorkeling or lounging.

Perhaps a floating bar in the middle of the pacific surrounded by turquoise waters and picturesque views? 

The Northern Lights

May 29: Jet Boats & Kava Ceremonies

Today we Explore the inner island by high speed jet boat.  

Then we'll take some time to mingle with native fijians during a stop to a local village.  We'll share a meal and some time to immerse ourselves in the local culture by partaking in a native kava ceremony.  

WE'll save time throughout the day to make sure we learn from our own too... because the wisdom in our group is truly unparalleled. 
An Island Excursion

May 30: An island Day Party 

bask in the island sun at Fiji's first beach club *island*

While we're there, we'll have small roundtable discussions and let our mutual experience inspire one another.

There will also be plenty of time to Grab a stand up paddle board, kayak or some snorkle gear.  be prepared to enjoy some delightful local cuisine.  
OR kick back, enjoy a massage, your private stretch of island & a drink.  
Brunch & Depart

May 31: Brunch, Beach & Departure

Spend the day soaking up the last bit of island life.  

Tour the local wild life, spend the day shopping or change your perspective by taking a helicopter tour of the island.

We'll meet back later in the day to catch up, deepen our ties and spend some time on the beach to hear from someone from our group impart knowledge upon us. 

A farewell dinner at sunset will fill our bellies before we head to the airport for our 1030pm departure. 
Trip details can be subject to change.

What's Included:
Everything But Alcohol.

The Flight, The hotel, every meal and experience is included. 

This is where we create the stories that we’ll tell for years
while building relationships to forge our future better selves.

What this is NOT:
It's not a conference.
We're traveling half way around the world to learn from and build relationships with our peers. If you'd rather lock yourself in a conference room for 5 days, there are plenty of places to do that.
We unplug so we can learn and connect through experiences.

there's a better way to grow your business and yourself. 

Life is about relationships.
The deeper your relationships, the more you learn and grow from them.

The problem is ... *Most* people don't spend nearly enough energy into being around the right people. 
Do you focus on relationships like you do your company's revenue?

But your relationships are your company's revenue.

FOR ME PERSONALLY, Life is about having a blast.  

I want to grow relationships over some CRAZY ASS experiences with interesting, motivated people.  Unplugged is an awesome way to do that.
1) You’ll leave knowing that the connections and experience were worth at least five times the money and time you invested … hands down.

2) The quality of the Experience will be Unparalleled.

3) The quality of the people - will never be compromised.
So Here Are 3 Big Promises For You:
1) You’ll leave knowing that the connections and experience were worth at least five times the money and time you invested … hands down.

2) The quality of the Experience will be Unparalleled.

3) The quality of the people - will never be compromised.
Find Out Where The Next Unplugged Destination Is...
Find Out Where The Next Unplugged Destination Is...

  • Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • ​Unplug. Relax. Recharge. Be inspired
  • ​Experience a culture like no other
  • ​Unique Experiences that You'll Tell Stories About Forever
  • ​Heart-Racing Adventure in Breathtaking Settings
  • ​4 Nights of Luxury Accommodations

Can Anyone Sign Up?
We hand select every person.
Attendees include: CEOS, Founder and extreme athletes.
The common thread is a pursuit for greatness and experience showing that.
From there, we weigh heavily on character...
because nobody wants to sit next to an arrogant asshole.
What Should I Bring?
Clothes (Athletic as well as whatever makes you feel awesome) 
Toiletries (if you brush your teeth and what not).
money you've ear marked for alcohol.
The rest is on us. 
I Have More Questions
That makes sense.  It also means that you likely haven't requested an invite yet.  
Cultivating the right group is one of the three most important parts of 
these trips.  You can request an invite below. 

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